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Introduction: Let’s Get Started!

The screencast above was created to help you get the most out of the Evidence Locker. To learn more about Jennifer and Darren, visit our contact us page.

Welcome To The Evidence Locker!

iWe are so glad you are here. Your journey as a leader, coach and developer of Digital Detectives is just beginning; it is our hope that the resources in the Evidence Locker will support you in this critical work.

As a reminder, the Evidence Locker was designed to be a companion to our book, Developing Digital Detectives. The resources you find here will be most useful when used alongside the book, which provides guidance about how to use them with learners.

We like to think of these two resources using this analogy: if Developing Digital Detectives is the cook book (featuring all the recipes and history behind each recipe) then the Evidence Locker is the pantry where you’ll find all the tools and ingredients you’ll need to get cooking!

Our Core Beliefs

As you’ll read in the introduction to our book, these core beliefs underscore our work and remain the guiding principles by which we have crafted this resource:

  • Facts matter.
  • There may be two sides to every story, but not every side has earned the right of critical debate.
  • Disinformation is a human problem and therefore has human solutions.
  • Our world needs Digital Detectives.

This website was designed to help you create instructional opportunities for your learners that are fueled by these fundamental beliefs. We hope you find these resources useful. Let’s get started!

Your Journey Begins Here!

Chapter six contains more information about how to connect with and contribute to our #DigitalDetectiveSquad, but one way to get started NOW is by adding a pin to our map to indicate that you’re ready to be a part of changing the way we teach Information Literacy! Creating a network of educators who can support and cheer one another on is part of why we wrote Developing Digital Detectives. We are glad you are here and are excited about the journey ahead.

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Book Study Guide:

If you’re thinking of using Developing Digital Detectives as a whole district read, a professional book club or as part of your PLC work, we’ve created a study guide that may help!