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Jennifer and Darren

Jennifer and Darren’s journey as Digital Detectives and co-conspirators began at NCTIES (an educational technology conference in NC) in the spring of 2015, when Jennifer attended one of Darren’s sessions titled, “Fiction Can Be Fun!” Although friends before that workshop, that time spent learning together solidified a relationship that would go on to produce two books, numerous articles, a zillion (approximately) presentations, workshops, professional development and graduate level courses plus lots more mischief and shenanigans.

We both believe that the future of our planet depends on our ability to discern information that was designed to inform us from that which was created to influence, manipulate and deceive. With that in mind, one of the great joys that has come out of our work together is the ability to work with educators around the globe to develop curricula and instruction that empowers today’s learners to be come Digital Detectives.

If we can support you in some way, or if you’d like to work with us, please get in touch. The contact information below is the best way to reach us!


Book Study Guide:

If you’re thinking of using Developing Digital Detectives as a whole district read, a professional book club or as part of your PLC work, we’ve created a study guide that may help!