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Chapter 3: The Third Lens – Forensics

Partial Link Board: Triggers, Access and Forensics

Welcome to Chapter 3

In this section, you’ll find resources related to the content in Chapter Three of Developing Digital Detectives by Jennifer LaGarde and Darren Hudgins including:

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Please note that all page numbers listed align with the first edition of this text: ISBN-13: 978-1564849052 

Resources Referenced In This Chapter

In this section, you’ll find resources that are specifically referenced in this chapter. Some are recommended for use with students, while others may support your own understanding of this lens. Be sure to refer back to this chapter for more information about how to use these resources.

This Lens In Action | Mini Lessons To Try Tomorrow

In this section, you’ll find mini-lessons that were designed to help support student learning related to this lens. As with all lessons in this book, the grade span is just a suggestion. Please feel free to adapt as necessary for your learners.
Mini Lessons - Grades 4-6
Mini Lessons - Grades 6-8
Mini Lessons - Grades 9-12

Further Reading

In this section, you’ll find additional resources that may be useful as you help learners understand this lens. While you may choose to share these resources with learners, they are intended to support educators in building their own understanding of the concepts in this chapter.