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Chapter 6: The Digital Detective Squad

Digital Detective - by Jarrett Lerner

Jarrett Lerner created his vision of what a Digital Detective is after working with us for nearly a year – creating the “Finish The Comic” activities featured in chapters 1-4!

Share Your Digital Detectives!

In Chapter 6, we shared a pre/and post-assessment idea in which Digital Detectives demonstrate learning by illustrating all the things that a Digital Detective does! You can read more about this activity in Chapter 6. Then, when you are ready, share your learners’ masterpieces with our #digitaldetectivesquad by using the forms* below:

*Be sure to read all question descriptions carefully.

Show Us Your Badge(s)!

Are your Digital Detectives ready to join the squad and begin their work as busters of mis-, dis- and mal- information throughout the world? If so, we’ve created two badge options that can be printed and laminated for kids to use as book marks, stickers or even an actual ID badge! We’d love to see pics of your badge sporting detectives (using the #DigitalDetectiveSquad hashtag) – but only if you’ve got permission to share them!

Badge #1: PDFPNG

Badge #2: PDFPNG

More Information Literacy Books For Digital Detectives (of all ages!)

[Decorative Image] Chapter 6 Bookshelf

In Chapter 6, we promised to share a book list of other books that may be useful in helping your learners develop the attributes and dispositions necessary to be a Digital Detective. The books on this shelf either focus explicitly on Information Literacy or may be useful in teaching one of the four lenses. Because new books are being published all the time, we’re using Goodreads as a way to keep our list updated. The link below will take you to the Goodreads shelf for this chapter! Be sure to share your favorite books for this purpose on social media using the hashtag #digitaldetectivesquad. Together we can build an overflowing bookshelf of titles to help today’s learners become experts at discerning what can and what can’t be trusted online!

Join our #DigitalDetectiveSquad!

By using the hashtag #DigitalDetectiveSquad on social media, you can join the conversation, stay aware of updates to the evidence locker and, most importantly, become part of a community of educators who are dedicated to the work of helping to develop digital detectives! Don’t forget to add a pin to our #DigitalDetectiveSquad map!