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Grades 4-5 Case 3

The resources on this page were designed to support teachers and learners as they work together to crack the case! Please refer to Chapter 8 in Developing Digital Detectives for more information about this lesson.

Digital Detective's Notebook
About Digital Detective's Notebook

This section contains templates/worksheets that may be used to help Digital Detectives identify and analyze evidence from the case. Note: we’ve included all notebook resources for this grade span below. However, content that was designed for this specific case have been noted with this tooth emoji. 🦷 That said, feel free to mix and match, using whatever resources feel most relevant, in order to meet the needs of your Digital Detectives. 

Some things to note:

  • The digital versions of these templates can be downloaded as PDFs or image files.
  • Image files can then be uploaded to shared slide decks for students to complete collaboratively.
  • These resources are meant only to scaffold student thinking. Teachers should feel free to abandon or adapt them to meet the needs of their unique learners.
Digital Detective's Notebook: Content

  • 🦷 Evidence Log: can be used to support Digital Detectives as they record lens specific evidence from the case. 
  • Anatomy of a Social Media Account: can be used to support Digital Detectives as they detect clues about a source’s credibility.
  • 🦷 Case Synopsis: can be used by Digital Detectives to present their final verdicts in the case. 
  • Does This Pass The WHOA Test?: can be used by Digital Detectives to consider the credibility of sensational content.
  • 🦷 Following Digital Footprints: can be used by Digital Detectives to trace the path of a story from a secondary to the primary source.
  • Dusting For Prints | Motives: can be used by Digital Detectives to record clues that may help reveal the motives of the person who created the information.
  • Social Media Mood Chart: can be used by Digital Detectives to record evidence of emotional triggers – both in the information itself as well as in aspects of the community reading experience.
The Case File
Case File: Part 1

These supplemental resources were curated to be given to Digital Detectives as they examine the evidence and apply the Four Lenses to this case. Some things to note:

While these resources may help Digital Detectives determine the credibility of the information in this case, there may also be some red herrings among them!


Teachers may choose to distribute some or all of these resources. Teachers may also add their own materials to the case file in order to further support or challenge their Digital Detectives.


We recommend the case file be given to students as they are investigating the story.


Case File: Part 2

Reminder: These resources reveal the facts of the case and should not be distributed until after students have investigated the scenario and shared their conclusions.

Digital Detective's Toolbox
About The Digital Detective's Toolbox

These resources should not be included in the case file. Rather, they have been curated to help the teacher facilitate other elements of the lesson.

Digital Detective's Toolbox: Content
About Yet To Be Solved Mysteries

These are other stories we considered using for lessons in this chapter. They might be useful in crafting your own cases for the digital detectives you work with. Check back for updates or reach out to us on social media to suggest stories! 

Yet To Be Solved Mysteries: Content

Decorative Image: Yet To Be Solve Mysteries Spreadsheet

Direct link to spreadsheet with more content.